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Information for 40th Tai Chi Friends Reunion

This page is a repository for information about this years Reunion retreat. If you have files that you’d like to add contact Bradford Bennett at

40th Reunion Flyer

Click on the link below to see the Reunion Schedule

40th Reunion Schedule

Tai Chi as a Practice

Tai Chi as a Practice” is the topic of our philosophy sessions this year. To get us started here are three different takes on this topic from Brad Bennett, Nancy Hoffman, and Jeffery Gersten. Please read these and think about this concept so you can share your thoughts.

Notes on Tai Chi as a Practice by Bradford Bennett Modes of Dailiness Tai Chi as a Practice 40th Reunion by Nancy Hoffman The Inward Journey by Jeffery Gersten


Elbowing Your Way to Attention: The New "Elbonia" by Nancy Hoffman These notes are for Nancy’s Morning Session

Part I Notes by Nancy Hoffman for her Part I Monday afternoon class.

Tai Chi and Togetherness by Damian Caspary for his Tuesday class.

The Deepening Calm of Tai Chi by Barbara Alderson for her Tuesday class.

Old Short Form

This year there will be afternoon sessions on the Old Short Form that Mr. Lui taught in the 1970s. Below are links to documents on this form.

Old Short Form Photos of Lui (these are labeled)

The following document was labeled Short Form and Eight Beauties ‘80. It contains a list of the movements made by Mr. Lui and an unlabeled sequence of pictures of Mr. Lui doing the Form.

Old Short Form and Eight Beauties

Here is a list of Old Short Form moves compiled by Suzanne Roth

Old Short Form Moves

Suzanne Roth does the Old Short Form