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As with any art, the true essence of T'ai Chi cannot be communicated in words. However, the experiencing of T'ai Chi is the practice of T'ai Chi. This is where T'ai Chi differentiates itself from other movement arts. Unlike dance, there is no theme or meaning to be expressed. The meaning of T'ai Chi is the movement itself. The theme of T'ai Chi is life itself. Its essence is the learning that comes with each movement, the increase in self-awareness that comes with each breath. Unlike a martial art, there is no opponent to overcome. There is only the self. T'ai Chi moves beyond conquering others into the realm of understanding the self.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese holistic movement system. Outwardly, T'ai Chi is a series of slow, smooth, circular movements. Practiced alone or in groups, people move through a series of movements which constitute a "form." Different people practice different forms, even different stylesof movement, depending upon the "school" of T'ai Chi they learned and the individual teacher who taught them. However, the specific movements are relatively unimportant; rather, it is the way the movements are performed which is the important fact.

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