Cloud Hands West


It all started when…

In 1978 H.H. Lui moved from Chicago to San Francisco. Soon new students found him and old students from Chicago migrated west and to study with him, creating a vibrant Tai Chi community. As the Tai Chi group in Chicago had used the name Cloud Hands, the San Francisco group became Cloud Hands West.

For more that 30 years Cloud Hands West has promoted Tai Chi by hosting workshops, providing on-going classes, and having weekly free practices in San Francisco.

Today students of Mr. Lui teach classes across the nation as evidenced on our Classes page and Cloud Hands Wests hosts two annual workshops. Both events, the President’s Day Retreat and the 40th Tai Chi Friends Reunion will be held at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, CA in 2019.

Hubert. H Lui

Hubert. H Lui

Mr. Lui’s Tai Chi teacher in Hong Kong Website:


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