We help people to learn to be better and more relaxed movers in the physical world. To do this we employ techniques taken from the field of somatics and from Tai Chi Chuan.


As people age they often lose much of their ability to move in the way that allows freedom and spontenaity of expression. This is often accompanied by discomfort and/or a feeling of stiffness. The good news is that there are ways to learn to relax “tight” muscles and make movement easier and more natural. At West East Somatics we provide different ways to achieve the goal of greater self awareness.

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Tai Chi chuan

The enigmatic art of Tai Chi Chuan has helped many an individual, both young and old to become better movers and more relaxed in their bodies. Tai Chi at West East Somatics has evolved from the teaching of Hubert H. Lui (Lui Hok Hoi). Our motto is, “If it is not open hearted, if it is not kind, it is not Tai Chi.”


Somatic education

Somatic education is a way of becoming aware of oneself in a manner that allows a person to regain control of her or his neuromuscular physiology. In one-on-one sessions and class settings individuals learn increased self awareness to reduce their resting muscular tonus; increasing comfort and ease of movement.